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Have them CATCH'N Fish all Year Long with the B.W.A.B. !!!


Bobber With A Brain -- It's Common Sense.

B.W.A.B. gives TIGHT line presentation from the BOTTOM UP, which means the fish CAN NOT swim
more than two inches with the bait in any direction without showing a bite!
 Big Ten Tackle's Bobber With A Brain is a PROVEN SYSTEM
with Worldwide

Bobber With A Brain puts my bait exactly where I need it !

Catfish Fishing Picture Bobber With a Brain

    I've been using your Bobber With A Brain since I received them in the mail and found that they really do work.

     I use them all the time and have caught quite a few fish on them. I mostly fish for cat fish and Bobber With A Brain puts my bait exactly where I need it.

     Thanks for a good product that really works.

R.H.      ...........................................   El Dorado, Kansas.

Next day: Her little brother out fished her, but didn't skunk her. He caught 6 trout total (including 2 lunkers!) and she caught 2. They are loving their Bobbers with a Brain. These are great for kids (and Moms)! Dad was a bit jealous of all the action. You have permission to use these pictures. The kids had a blast. Thanks so much!  

Sincerely, L.S. ....... Oklahoma  -  2014

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Bobber With A Brain          Fish Ka Bobber

                 Bobber With A Brain                  FishKaBobber: Bobber kit

Cermaic Sinkers Package                       Fishing Rigs Package

Ceramic Sinkers                           Hand Tied Fishing Rigs

Mustad Hook Snaps (Size No. 1)                        B.W.A.B. is more advanced than a Slip Bobber, it's a Depth Finder !

Complete Product Listing on the  ORDER PAGE  .....

Based on previous excellent fishing results with the "B.W.A.B.", ordered 2 sets of five and received an "extra" in the order. Spoke with Frank, (Big Ten Tackle) good discussion with additional helpful tips including using them for ice fishing, which I will try. Great product with multiple applications for use. I use them with multi-hook rigs and have caught everything from Long-nose Gar to Mudpuppies.   -M.L. ..................   Pittsburgh, Pa.


It only makes COMMON SENSE that placing your baits ONE and TWO feet OFF THE BOTTOM will catch more fish than in any other place in the water!

The Bobber With A Brain is the only bobber, IN THE WORLD, that will place your baits easily ONE to TWO Feet OFF ANY BOTTOM, at any depth, AUTOMATICALLY.  (Read below.)

The Bobber With A Brain,  because of its tilting action when jigging, will drop the baits two or three inches then raise them back toward the surface continuously, with only slight pulls on your line.  This cannot be done by any bobber!


 Bobber With A Brain: the FUTURE of BOBBER Fishing has ARRIVED..

  Increases Catches 3 to 1.                     No Line Stopper Needed! 

Jigging the Bobber With A Brain

We believe this is the BEST Carp, Crappie & Catfish Bobber on the planet !


Old 4 Bait Fishing Pic

On and off bottom fishing at the same time on the same rig Automatically ! No other bobber can do this period!

What makes the Bobber With A Brain stand out above the rest of the bobbers :

1. B.W.A.B. will not drift in a 30 mph wind or a medium current, no other bobber can claim this important feature ! 
2. The B.W.A.B. is not just a slip bobber, but a slip bobber that is magnetic and NEVER requires a line stopper, AMAZING !!
3. The B.W.A.B. is the ONLY bobber in the world that can place two or more baits one and two feet off ANY bottom in ANY depth, AUTOMATICALLY !  This has never been done before this bobber  !
These three features alone make the B.W.A.B. a product in a category of its own 
When you use these three features there are 100's of possible ways to fish the Bobber With A Brain that bring a new world of fishing to the average fisherman! 


Most popular selling packages below!     

BB2 - Two (2) Bobbers With A Brain

Two  Bobbers With A Brain  

2 Bobbers - 1 Free Rig  (Click Pic)  

Price: $ 9.00  

BB5 - Five (5) Bobbers With A Brain

Five  Bobbers With A Brain


5 Bobbers - 1 Free Rig  (Click Pic)

Price: $20.00


Most Popular Selling Special  

Six Pack Special 

6 Bobbers - 6 Rigs  (Click Pic)

$ 36.00

Check out the picture on the right and watch the video.

Fish On & Off Bottom - Picture shows 3 different baits for three different fish..       Same Time,  Same Cast !

3 baits


BWAB Fisherman:    Edward A. Luterio  Illustrator    215-353-3534

The Amazing Bobber With A Brain Features these attributes:

• This Bobber automatically holds your baits off the bottom, suspended above debris and rocks.
• Slight pulls on your line, the baits wiggle or "jig", moving bait 2 or 3 inches up & down.
• It will reduce Snags by lifting your sinker straight up when reeling in.
• Proven Fishing System-Online Sales 15 YEARS on the WEB..
Testimonial :   Last nights Lake outing, I caught 9 trout in about 2 hours, and they were about a foot long each using one of my friend's BWAB. It was fun. All the people around us were astounded because as soon as we hit the water, it was fish on! BBQ'ed a few to keep the limit to take home. This stuff sells on its own. - A.Y. LODI, CA   

Actual "YOUTUBE" Comment :

EndangeredSS has made a comment on Big Ten Tackle's Pennsylvania Back Country: Bobber With A Brain Fishing Clip !: I've never climbed up a tree to retrieve a foul cast before... until my BWAB got stuck!! I love this thing!

B.W.A.B. Turns “Blue” into a great Feeling!

Well, I've been using the Bobber With A Brain for a week. Lookie here. Caught on a Monday morning. 25.9 Blue...and a number of little guys (dinner) in the meantime. Love this rig!

Thanks for the invention. BTW, I've recommended to the bait shop here at Rei Lakes Campground in Springfield, OH buy some B.W.A.B.'s to introduce them to customers that fish at the Lakes. I also gave out three of the six B.W.A.B.'s I got in my order to other fishermen at the campground. I'll keep you posted on their progress.”

R.R. ......... Springfield, OH

NATIONAL ATTENTION AS WRITER KEITH SUTTON'S Article: BEST CATFISH GEAR! Read the Article in PDF Form Click here. Keith's Webiste -->

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Bobber With A Brain Pro Boards     Fishing Forum!

NEW Fishing Forum that deals mainly with fresh water fishing & our PATENTED BOBBER With A Brain !   Join our Bobber forum and talk about fishing with our bobber!  Also daily trivia games!

The more advanced Slip Bobber System   ..  Slip/Lock System!
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Search America 1st


Great Gift  Idea for any one who Fishes !

Big Ten Tackle Bobber With a Brain

Complete Bobber With A Brain Fishing System Specials: 

Click on pictures to see what the Special includes.           CLICK "BUY NOW" and ADD TO CART !!

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Six Pack Special  

Most Popular Selling Special

6 Bobbers - 6 Rigs  (Click Pic)

$ 36.00

4P4 - 4 Plus 4 Special 

4 Plus 4 Special

4 Bobbers - 4 Rigs  (Click Pic)

Only $ 24.00

CSP - CATFISH "Six Pack"

Catfish Six Pack 

6 Bobbers - 5 Cat Rigs  (Click Pic)

Only $ 36.00

SP10 - Super 10 Special   

Super 10 Special

10 Bobbers - 10 Rigs (Click Pic)

($75.00 Value)  

Only $ 50.00

  Purchase a $36.00 or $50.00 Special  You will receive 2 FREE Brains, 2 Ceramic Sinkers & 2 interlock Swivels! 
Also any order that totals over $60 (Shipping not included) we will send you a
FREE Bobber With a Brain !    
NFS - Night Fisherman Sampler Special
Nightfishing Special

5 Bobbers - 5 single & 2 Double Rigs, 10 lightsticks & 5 Ceramic Sinkers...    BEST SPECIAL TO FISH OUR TACKLE' LINE!  (Click Pic)
Only $35.00

Value of $50.00 for a limited time offer of only $35.00.   

5105SP - 5-10-5 Sampler Special 
5-10-5 Pack Special

5 Bobbers - 10 Rigs & 5 Ceramic Pack  (Click Pic)

This Special gives you more Rigs for the buck than any other special we have. It features the quick connect hand tied 15 pound test ceramic sinker  crappie type, catfish walleye, panfish fishing rigs.   

Only $30.00  

PAYPAL also uses all MAJOR CREDIT CARDS along with your Paypal account. 

Have Product Question? Don't want to order online? Please call us and ORDER NOW !   (724) 537-8809. 

Bobber With A Brain   &   Extra Brains !

BB1 - One (1) Bobber With A Brain

One Bobber With A Brain


  1 Bobber - 1 Free Rig  (Click Pic)
Price: $6.00 Each


BB2 - Two (2) Bobbers With A Brain

Two  Bobbers With A Brain   

2 Bobbers - 1 Free Rig  (Click Pic)  

Price: $ 9.00 

BB5 - Five (5) Bobbers With A Brain

Five  Bobbers With A Brain


5 Bobbers - 1 Free Rig  (Click Pic)

Price: $20.00

SP5 - Smart Pack  

5 Replacement B.W.A.B. Brains  

5 Steel Brian Replacements

Price: $1.50

Hey, When you buy ONE, TWO or FIVE Bobbers With A Brain you will receive a FREE SMART TACKLE FISHING RIG and EXTRA BRAIN!
All Shipping in the USA only $7.00, All products shipped quickly, even at that low price.  (Limited Time)

**  The Catfish Fishing Rigs and Double Snap Fishing Rigs are the same, Both tied with 15 Lb Test line!  **

Specials will contain varies colors of Bobber tops and styles of snap rigs. That way you get to fish the Bobber With A Brain like we do !




How about next to the register ??   

Bobber WIth brain Slip Bobber        Bobber WIth brain Slip Bobber Fishing Rigs       Bobber WIth brain Slip Bobber Fishing Rigs Ceramic Sinkers

Bobber With A Brain           Fishing Rigs                 Ceramic Sinkers 

22 Single Bobbers           16 - 2 Packs Rigs         24 - 5 Sinker Bags

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PRINT OUT the Bobber With A Brain Instruction page for in your Tackle Box:  CLICK HERE !!       



We had a family fishing day today, but only one Bobber with a Brain. Our youngest daughter wanted to use it. She was the first one to cast out, and before I could finish rigging my pole, she had a lunker rainbow trout on the line! It wasn't much longer before she had another on the line.
Her brothers kept coming over to check out her fish and to take the bait she was using. Nothing worked. She skunked everyone!

Thanks for the edge!     Tomorrow we'll be taking along more B.W.A.B.’s.


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